Opening Day 2016

Basically, we're like a kid on Christmas morning. We're so excited for this 2016 season and all of you to come and see us in the store! 

For months now, we've been receiving packages at our door step with gear for this coming summer. Well, this past weekend we made our first run to Stanley cargo trail in tow. We hauled all of the boxes into the store, turned the water on, the heat on, and started the long process of setting up. Every year we think that unpacking and stocking the shelves will be easier, but that's not quite the case. We tend to change our mind quite a bit on where we want things and not to mention each year we get some different products than years past. 

The new products piece is super exciting for us! We always love opening those boxes and actually seeing what it looks like in person, not just a photo in our catalog. (People, this is the part this is like Christmas morning for us.)

With only 3 days left to get the rest of the gear out, store cleaned, espresso running and customers coming we better get going!

We couldn't be happy to announce out opening day at Saturday May 28th! Hope to see you here.